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Reported by Becky Payne and Betty Mann. Photos by Allen Brown and DeAnn Lineberry.

Lakewood Bible StudyWhen Becky Payne, FBC’s Music Associate/Organist, talks about the Lakewood Ladies Bible Study, you hear her heart: “I am passionate about this one little piece of my world. Being involved with these ladies has been one of the most fulfilling yet humbling things I have ever experienced. They bless me every time we meet.”

Ten years ago there were approximately 70 FBC members living at Lakewood Manor. Becky realized that many of them could no longer attend services outside Lakewood, so she brought church to them. With help from LaVora Sprinkle she planned a weekly Bible study that would also be a time of fellowship and connection with other FBC members.

Lakewood Bible StudyBecky leads these sessions, 12 weeks each spring and fall. The first study, Kay Arthur’s “Lord, I Want to Know You,” involved 28 women, three of whom still attend.

Studies since then include Beth Moore’s “Heart of a Woman: God’s Dwelling Place”; the Companions in Christ studies on The Way of Forgiveness, The Way of Blessedness, and The Way of Grace; Psalms, Isaiah, Hebrews, Philippians, Revelation, and the life of Moses.

Lakewood Bible StudyAttendees range in age from their early 70s to FBC member Frances Buckalew, who is 101. It is both joyous and humbling to see these dedicated Bible students arrive at the meetings. Several are on walkers; others use canes. Bernice Rodgerson, another FBC member, comes with an oxygen tank on her motorized chair.

The group now includes many from other Christian denominations and averages 20 attendees each week. Becky shares that “it is amazing to listen to them interact with each other as they share different perspectives on the study.”

Long-time Bible teachers, retired missionaries, pastors’ wives, and those with vision so poor they can only listen, all these women continue their lifetime commitment to in-depth Bible study.

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