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Story and photos provided by Wendy Starkey.

Have you ever thought about your legacy, what sort of impact you will have on those in your life? How will you be remembered?

author and daughterNow that I have two young daughters, I’ve started to think of my legacy. Of course, the Lord willing, I want to leave them whatever worldly wealth I possess. But I also want to leave them intangible gifts – lessons learned, fun family memories, words of encouragement. And looking to the eternal, what type of Christian legacy will I leave imprinted on them?

calloutI have started to look at the Bible as a legacy. God, through Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David, and many more, has left a legacy for me. While I cannot add to the Bible, I can continue its legacy. It is a foundation I can build on by sharing how God has worked in my life.

To do that I have begun collecting ideas for intentionally creating my legacy.

A friend told me about a woman who lost her husband. To deal with her grief, she wrote about their life together. She included many examples of how God worked in their lives to redirect their paths, confirm their decisions, and make Himself known to them. I’m sure this was very therapeutic for her, but I believe it also increased her faith and has the potential to increase the faith of her family and friends. Part of my legacy will be found in the stories I tell and write about God being core to my family’s life together.

Starkey familyMany people have favorite Bible verses. Sharing these references and their personal significance is a wonderful legacy to leave and a way to fulfill God’s command in Deuteronomy 4:9, “Teach them to your children” (NIV). Recently, my daughter Mahaley and I were at the Goochland YMCA. The pool there has a wonderful slide, but for a six-year-old it can be a bit intimidating. I had the opportunity to whisper in her ear, “The Bible says, ‘For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13, New Living Translation) and everything in the Bible is true.” Mahaley smiled and climbed the ladder to go down the slide without fear. When I share with my children God’s words that are important to me, I leave them a legacy useful in their everyday lives.

Another way to strengthen this legacy is taking the opportunity to share what Esther Burroughs calls “God stop” moments. A woman whose brother and son both died from a spinal disorder had another son. When he was born, he had a birthmark in the middle of his back over his spinal cord. While most people would only see a birthmark, this woman saw a sign from God saying “I remember your brother and son; I remember your pain.” If I were a member of her family, I would want to hear such a beautiful story of faith. And I want to tell my children every time God stops me in my tracks with a new understanding of how He is active in my life.

Many people dismiss the Bible as too old to have an impact on 21st century life. But continuing its story by sharing my story makes it current. By sharing my faith story I am bringing our family closer to God. That’s the legacy I want to leave.

Editor’s Note: Wendy has shared so powerfully about leaving a legacy for her children. Her story challenges us all to be intentional about leaving our legacy.

Do you have other ideas for ways to leave a legacy? Have you already started this process? If so, what have you done? Has someone left a legacy for you? Would you share it with us?

Please share your ideas, experiences or goals in the “Leave a reply” box below.

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