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By Nancy Mairs.

Lynn Turner

It all started at the 2012 spring staff retreat when the discussion turned to bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia (KOH2RVA). Lynn Turner, First Baptist’s Senior Associate Pastor, wondered what it would be like if everyone at FBC went on a mission trip – not to a distant location, but here, to Richmond.

Jim Somerville

Jim Somerville

Jim Somerville, FBC’s Senior Pastor, explains the initiative that has grown from that conversation: “In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus teaches His disciples to pray that God’s Kingdom would come, and God’s will would be done, on earth as it is in heaven. It is my conviction that Jesus wanted His disciples not only to pray for that, but to work for that.” [More details at KOH2RVA.org]. And maybe the idea of working for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on earth means to Richmond, Virginia too.

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard, Associate Pastor, explains, “After all, when Jesus walked on earth, He saw the same people we see, saw the same sort of needs we do, but He paid attention. He saw beyond the external and took an interest in people. Are the folks in the Richmond Metro area really that much different than the folks Jesus came in contact with? Maybe in the past, the church has focused too much on converting folks to the faith, but what Christ really meant was for us to learn to approach people as He did – loving them right where they are.”

calloutMaybe bringing heaven to earth is nothing more than looking at our everyday lives to see how we can show Jesus to those in the world who do not know Him. In Richmond we come in contact with the sick, the lonely, the hurting, and with those who are lost in the pursuit of their own ambitions. And, maybe what Jesus meant for us to learn from the Lord’s Prayer is that we need to love those around us, just as He did. Isn’t that really what a mission trip is all about? Learning from Jesus how to show and tell people what the world would be like if God were completely in charge. And, learning that will lead us to go out and do the work of the Kingdom of Heaven, in the mission field where God has put us – Richmond, Virginia.

What will the church-wide mission trip look like? The staff at First Baptist has provided a few tools to help us prepare. These tools are available on the website: KOH2RVA.org.

Lynn shares a prayer of discernment to use in seeking the connection between the kind of work we love to do and the work the world needs.

Steve Booth

Three video discussions address some of the issues of making our faith practical. Jim and Lynn provide the context for the year-long, every-member mission trip. Steve Booth, Associate Pastor, helps us connect our daily life with the life of faith. Steve Blanchard explains how to practice compassion in a Christ-like way.

A list of current Richmond-based mission “trips” offers opportunities for children, adults and families.

The year-long mission trip begins with the One Sunday celebration on September 9, 2012. Imagine a bus with a KOH2RVA license plate pulling up to the corner of Monument and The Boulevard that day. Jump on the bus, find a seat, and begin an adventure that will make the license plate a reality, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia!

Nancy Mairs Nancy Mairs joined Richmond’s First Baptist Church more than 20 years ago and is a member of the Disciples class. She works in the Regulatory Affairs group at Dominion Virginia Power, and enjoys hiking, canoeing, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Jim, and son, Jack.

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