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Financial Peace University is an intensive 13-week workshop designed to help participants learn biblically-based financial management principles and achieve their financial goals. The workshop is based on the internationally acclaimed work of Dave Ramsey. It begins Wednesday, September 14, 6-7:15 p.m. in Suite 280-F.

When Rick and Stephanie Whittington began thinking about a new home, their thoughts turned to debt. Rick had heard Dave Ramsey on satellite radio and was interested in what he had to say about that subject. Dave’s radio show and book about financial peace were such a help that Rick shared the program with his First Baptist church family.

Rick has led three sessions of Financial Peace University (FPU) at FBC. This fall he hands over leadership of this ministry to Carlos and Susanne Acosta.

Susanne said she learned about FPU when her parents bought her the book. She first read it while she was in Venezuela for a year in 2009. “Carlos and I wanted to be on the same page right away as we got married. Coming from different cultures, and hearing that money problems are 50% of the reason why people get divorced, we wanted to make sure we were on top of it right away.”

Suzanne added, “Carlos and I never fight about money, we know where our money is going, we are debt-free, aside from our house, and we have peace and are able to set goals and save for them.”

No matter if you have money or not, this class is for you. You will not have to discuss personal financial issues. Dave Ramsey makes the lessons fun with his sense of humor and honesty.

Susanne concluded, “In my particular situation, I felt like there was no way to have peace over my finances, but that changed within eight months. This is a great way to bond with your spouse, or just feel accomplished as a single.”

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