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By Betty Jane Hagan. Photos by Paul Bickford.

FBC’s main hall could literally be lined with the people who have served in its library for adults. They have maintained shelves of books, magazines, videos, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, art, and historical reminders of who we are. Their hospitality has kept the lights on and the doors wide open.

Who makes our library work?

David Jackson

For the most recent decade, David Jackson has led the Library Team. He has become a weekly staple for many of our church members, including children who have had to spell a new word each week in exchange for a piece of candy. Although we recognize David as the recent prime mover in getting library things done, his contributions have been backed by his equally committed co-workers: Rob Blackmore, Cheryl Cummins, Barbara and Gary Eck, Frances Francis, Norman Hedrick, Robin Hendricks, Pennie Hudson, Cathy Medina, Flo Satterwhite, Brenda Seago, Jerry Spivey, Rebecca Spivey, Lu Treadwell, Judy Watkins, Charlotte Whitlock, and Lila Williams, as well as his mentors Alma Snowa and Betty and Wilbur Todd. As David moves on to his next role at FBC, Barbara Watson is transitioning into the position of team leader. With gratitude we recognize the Library Team for their generous and professional service. We also honor those who initiated the library service, who oversaw its many renovations, and who have kept it a welcoming and educational environment for the FBC community.

If you are interested in serving on this team, contact Barbara Watson or Steve Booth, 804-358-5458, x167, staff liaison.

Editor’s note: See “A Moving Window,” posted on this site on 1-19-12, for historical notes on the current library location.

Betty Jane HaganBetty Jane Hagan grew up in the mountains of Virginia. She is the mother of three adult daughters. Betty Jane began attending FBC in 2006, joined in 2008, is a member of the Journey Sunday school class, and volunteers as a nursery worker.

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