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Story and photos by Skyler Cumbia.

Romania sunrise
Yogurt played a substantial role in my life in Romania. I ate it for breakfast quite often, usually while I read from the Bible each morning …ok, MOST mornings. I’m not that perfect!

calloutFor me, yogurt is similar to the word of God. You’re saying, “Did she really just compare the Bible to yogurt?” Yes, I did. It’s rich and sweet and it fills you up. I don’t know about you, but I love yogurt. I like rolling it around on my tongue and slowly munching on bits of fruit. And when I get close to the end, I scrape as much as possible off the sides, around the rim and at the bottom. Shouldn’t it be the same when we read the Bible? We should try to scrape out of a passage every scrap of knowledge we possibly can!

One of my favorite kinds of yogurt is the Greek yogurt that often has the “fruit on the bottom” so you have to dig around to find it and mix it all in. Similarly, you will never get any flavor out of a Bible passage until you’ve dug a little and stirred it around in your mind.

Now, I’m fairly positive that Satan designed the Yoplait yogurt containers. There is this horrible lip at the top that keeps you from getting that last bit of deliciousness. Satan loves to do the same when we read the Bible. He puts this barrier in your mind preventing you from grasping that last, and often times most important, bit of information.

libraryOn several occasions God would show Himself to me through the children I worked with or the women I taught English to. For a while I was struggling with the feeling that I wasn’t making much of a difference. One afternoon a boy in the afterschool program said to me, “I want to be like you!” At first I thought, “How sweet,” but then it hit me: This was God telling me that I was making a difference. Whether or not this boy was referring to my semi-awesome super hero sketching skills, I’ll never know, but God made His point clear.

childrenSome days I taught English at a women’s center. I didn’t have a large group every day; sometimes I would just work one-on-one. This is actually how I prefer to teach, but also these times reminded me of church. We come together as believers to learn from the Bible and from each other, but so often underestimate the importance of one-on-one time with God. We still learn a lot from being in groups, but there are some things that are harder to teach (and learn) in large groups.

My months in Romania filled me up (in more ways than yogurt). They quenched my soul in areas that had been parched for some time. Many people have asked me if I liked Ghana or Romania more. But I can’t compare them, they are so different. I learned many life and spiritual lessons in both places so I guess, in the end, that’s all that matters.

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