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Proud to Be

Story by Steve Blanchard. Photos provided by Steve Blanchard and Ann Carter.

As I sat in the DiscipleNow Sunday school program a couple of weeks ago, I realized once again just how proud I am to be part of Richmond’s First Baptist Church. I looked around at the youth, their parents, youth leaders, and others and I saw in their faces something that I hope is in every church – joy.
It reminded me of how great this church is and what a privilege it is to be a part of it. Now, I am not speaking as a staff member; this is not an attempt to pull in new members or secure a raise for myself. This is simply an expression of the way I feel in my heart.

Proud to BeIt just so happens that the day all this joy came bubbling up was Valentine’s Day as well. I was struck again that this church is a place of love. I am not naïve; I realize that, like any church, we are not perfect, but day in and day out I am confirmed in my belief that this church is the right place to be. I see God’s presence flowing through it in so many ways – in its members, its staff, its worship, its compassion, and so many other ways.

rolandVisitors here, in most cases, tell us that we are a warm and friendly church. Our staff sticks around for long periods of time because we feel supported and cared for. I have had other ministers tell me they wish they could work here. Again, I know we have our flaws but I truly believe we are headed in the right direction.

I thank God for a church that cares, loves, worships, and lives for God and others. I also thank you, Richmond’s First Baptist Church, for being what a church is meant to be, a place of community. My prayer is that we never stop striving for God’s perfect will, that we never cease finding new ways of being Jesus’ idea of the Body of Christ, and that we continue loving God with all our hearts, minds and souls, and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Proud to Be

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