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Story by Toni Myers. Photos by Susan Brown.

Let the sisters pray on.Women on Mission at Richmond’s First Baptist Church had its beginning in 1813. In the spring of that year the Female Missionary Society was organized to support in prayer the Baptist missionaries newly sent to India and Burma. At that time many members of FBC (then known as Richmond Baptist Church) opposed organizations of any nature so they appealed to Elder Courtney, pastor from 1788 to 1824, to forbid this innovation of a women’s prayer meeting. He settled the matter very simply by saying, “I never heard of praying doing anybody any harm. For my part, the sisters may pray on.”

Since then the women added Mission Involvement and Missions Education as part of their agenda, and the name evolved to Women on Mission (W/M).

Let the sisters pray on.When women are aware of needs, they respond. And when they faithfully pray for missionaries, souls are saved here in America and around the world. Martha Grace Washington commented, “I’m a member of the Book Club (one of seven small groups that meet monthly), and through our reading we learn so much about the men and women who faithfully serve as missionaries at home and around the world.”

Let the sisters pray on.Jeanne Hechler is involved in missions in our city: “I am happy to participate in Women on Mission and glad that we have an opportunity to serve our Richmond missionaries.” Included in that service is preparing and serving meals to the homeless at the Oregon Hill Baptist Center, purchasing children’s jeans to donate to the Christmas Store for needy families at the South Richmond Center, and preparing and hosting lunch for students at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Other mission projects focus on building relationships. Beverley Beer says, “One of the things I like most about being part of W/M is the opportunity of visiting our homebound people. Let the sisters pray on.It is enriching for me to hear their stories and experiences, as well as letting them know how much we appreciate them. A lot of times we will pray together at the end of our visit. It really grows into a nice friendship.”

While there are multiple ministry opportunities each month, there are also personal blessings. Martha Grace mentions caring for one another: “Every year we plan two socials for fun and fellowship together and at every meeting we dedicate a time for supporting each other in prayer.”

Ginny Samuel shares some of the personal benefits she has experienced: “Growing up at First Baptist Church I was a GA (formerly Girls Auxiliary, now Girls in Action), YWA (Young Women’s Auxiliary), and a YWA leader. I hope as part of W/M I can serve, pray, and share God’s love as He leads me to do. And I love getting to be with Christian ladies of all ages and having the opportunity to learn from them, and to form lasting friendships with them. I am inspired to be a better person because of the examples they set for me.”

Editor’s note: FBC W/M has seven groups that meet monthly – three on Tuesday and others on Wednesday night, Friday noon, and Saturday afternoon. For more information contact Mary Palmer (804-794-2620) or Toni Myers (804-358-9090).

Let the sisters pray on.Toni Alexander Myers grew up in Mississippi and is a graduate of Mississippi College where she met her  husband, Lewis. The Myers felt God’s call to serve as missionaries to Vietnamese people and have served Vietnamese in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the U. S.  A First Baptist member since 1977, her main ministries have been in Women on Mission, the Church Choir, and Mustard Seed Bible Class.

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