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Story and photos by Joyce Clemmons.

First Baptist began its partnership with the Cooper School on Martin Luther King Day 2013. Students from the school reciprocated by serving as reading mentors to First Baptist Weekday preschoolers each Thursday. In May FBC honored Cooper’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

The carnival came to town on May 4th, and it parked at the Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School (AJCES) in Church Hill.

AJCES Spring BashBarkers invited folks to come on in and play! Step right up – get your tattoo! Right this way for face painting! Get the best fish sandwich in town! Climb a tree – you bet, we have your climbing gear ready! Get one of those balloons that Mr. Clown twists into incredible shapes! Shoot some hoops, ring some sodas, pick the winning rubber duck from the pond, spin the wheel and win a whole lot of tickets!

From 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., a couple hundred folks participated in the games and activities at the AJCES Spring Bash. Smiles were exchanged, hugs were traded, and Pastor Jim Somerville and School Head Mike Marusa got into the fun and games along with everyone else.

Prizes were awarded for the high ticket winners and the lucky players had a choice of an array of items – NFL footballs, NBA basketballs, hockey balls, hula hoops, great family games like Scrabble and Parcheesi, books, gift cards, DVDs, and much more.

One of the highlights was a chance for students to throw a pie in the face of an AJCES teacher. Several teachers volunteered, and the aim of the students was phenomenal. Even the local policeman on duty took his turn for the pie throwing fun.

AJCES Spring BashA DJ kept the place rocking for hours with music that filled every inch of that school playground. Information on Habitat for Humanity was available. Delicious homemade baked goods were for sale. Families are Magic gave away precious brown dogs (stuffed, of course). MCV Medical Center, Richmond Metropolitan Hospital, and fire and police departments were available with demonstrations, gifts and excellent advice.

The generosity of the congregation of First Baptist was amazing. More than 100 gifts were donated for the carnival. In addition, about thirty volunteers assisted with the games and prizes and enjoyed the celebration. Even the weather cooperated with sunshine and crisp breezes.

The carnival moved on but the relationship between First Baptist and the Cooper School is here to stay.

Editor’s note: Learn more about the Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School. To serve as a mentor to an AJCES student contact Katye P. Snipes, School Administrator, AJCES, 804.822.6610.

Generosity Team: Lorna Brown, Chuck Dean, Walter Morton, Mark Roane, Joy Townsend, Joyce Clemmons, team leader; Steve Booth, staff liaison.

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By Richie Hilbert. Photos by Anthony M. Nesossis.

Michael West assists in the Clothing Closet of Monday morning ministry.

Paul instructs Timothy, “The first thing I want you to do is to pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know” (1 Timothy 2:1, The Message). I assume Paul would not object to my adding “…and even for those you don’t know, when you hear of a need.” First Baptist Church’s Ministry of Compassion, under the leadership of Steve Blanchard, has plenty of such needs, both locally and globally. That is why we covet your prayer support.

Jesus’ heart was saturated with care and concern for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised. Following Jesus’ example and in His name, FBC’s local missions outreach serves the poor, the homeless, those imprisoned, and refugees seeking a better, safer life here in Richmond.

Global missions are just as varied. Called “Partnership Missions,” there are seven areas of focus outside Richmond – poverty, refugee camps, education, medical needs, spiritual formation, community development, and disaster relief. Commitment by FBC to any project is one to five years.

For our ministries to be all they can be, we need abundant prayer cover and willing servants. If our initiatives are going to be those God desires, prayer is where we must begin. If they are going to change lives with God’s love, prayerful hearts will empower you and me to be the arms and legs of Jesus on earth.

Hal Borland, in his Book of Days, suggests there are two impulses distinctive to human beings. The first is the urge to create, improve, perpetuate, “not for oneself alone or for now, but for others unborn, for tomorrow.” The second is the emotion of compassion. In a spiritual sense, prayer embodies both of these. It combines confidence in a hopeful future with concern for others; action is often the result.

We petition your prayers for our programs listed below, and for the clients themselves, even if you don’t know them. Then, if God leads you, come join us as a volunteer.


Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning ministry – provides food, clothing, showers, employment counsel, and prayer for those in need, primarily the homeless. Saturday is showers only. Contact Brenda Andrews (Andrews@FBCRichmond.org).

Mobile ministry – on Saturday mornings, takes supplies and provides fellowship and compassion to those in need in downtown Richmond. Contact Charlie Ball (cwbo1@aol.com).

Grace Fellowship – on Thursday evenings, provides a meal, Bible study, and fellowship for those in need, primarily the homeless. Contact Vicky Nicholau (enicholau@aol.com).

Prison ministry – supports those in prison with visitation and Bible study. Contact Steve Blanchard (Blanchard@FBCRichmond.org).

New American (refugee) ministry – lends spiritual and practical assistance and support to refugees as they adjust to a strange culture and language. Contact Lindsay McClintock (McClintock@FBCRichmond.org).

Partnership missions – arranges mission trips and projects around the world with an emphasis on bringing God’s love wherever possible. Contact Steve Blanchard (Blanchard@FBCRichmond.org).

How do you pray for those you don’t know?

Here’s an example.

Kind and loving Lord,

Some in this world have food, shelter, clothing; some do not.

Some have a taste of freedom; some do not.

Some feel they belong; some do not.

Some have a homeland; some do not.

Some know You; some do not.

I pray for all those in need, and for all who serve them. You are the Great Provider. Thank You for hearing me.

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