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By Susan Beach. Photos by Win Grant and Jess Ward.

Dr. FlammingDr. Peter James Flamming, Pastor Emeritus of Richmond’s First Baptist Church, served FBC as Senior Pastor, 1983-2006.

In 23 years, Dr. Flamming shared with our congregation his gifts of leading, preaching, teaching, and pastoring. Those gifts came in various shapes and forms, usually marking and nurturing significant steps in our spiritual journeys.

I followed his column, “…from the Vesper Garden,” in the church newsletter. His words often were exactly what I needed to hear on a particular day. One of those columns, now yellowed and brittle, I carry with me every day; it continues to set me straight:

A Prayer for a Busy Day

I’ll not complete everything I need to do today. Time will run out; the sun will set; the day will be done; and I will not have finished the task. Help me not to set myself up for failure by thinking I can get it all done, then feeling defeated when I don’t.
Acceptance comes hard sometimes. I find myself wishing I were two persons. Help me to accept my limitations and the limitations of this day. Help me to remember that You too once lived with these constraints and struggled under the press of a twenty-four hour day. Yet it was enough. May I remember that it is Your grace and Your Spirit that matters, not my check-list.
Since I’ll not get everything done today, guide me, oh Lord, to accomplish the essential instead of simply the demanded. Help me to see those who must be seen. Lead me to do those things that must be done instead of those that could be done; make me more sensitive to broken hearts than to my planned schedule.
On the other hand, may my sensitivity to time free me from the time-grabbers and time-wasters. Above all, be my Partner this day. You can see ahead and I can’t. Help me to remember that nothing can happen to me today that You and I can’t handle together.
In Christ’s name,

Dr. Flamming 20th anniversaryWhat gift did Dr. Flamming share with you? What marked and nurtured your journey? Help celebrate Dr. Flamming’s 80th birthday (February 3) by sharing a memory in the comment box below.

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