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By Susan Beach.

Resurrection StoriesResurrection is core to our faith. Even if we have trouble understanding or explaining it, we believe Jesus was resurrected, that He triumphed over worldly powers and over death.
We have more trouble appropriating resurrection for ourselves – not doubting it will happen when we die so much as what it means in our daily lives.

How do we deal with our mistakes, broken relationships and doubts? How do we forgive those who have hurt or disappointed us? Does resurrection shape how we love those who aren’t Christians, much less how we work with those whose rules for being Christian are drastically different from ours? Are the personal, the mundane or the uncomfortable exempt from the powerful experience of resurrection?

Resurrection speaks to the changes caused by major life events: retirement, divorce, empty nest. It speaks to broken hearts and broken lives, to how we live with our faith family and how we live in our neighborhood, to how we face our workdays and to what we dare dream of. It affects every part of our lives.

Resurrection is more than a new beginning. It is a beginning with purpose and joy, a beginning that opens our lives to time redeemed through our relationship with God.

Check out the Resurrection stories blog where some FBC folks have told their stories. Comment on those stories, tell your own story, or ask a question. We hope this will be the beginning of a wonderful conversation, one that will make resurrection part of our daily lives.

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