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By Lindsey McClintock. Photo by Anthony M. Nesossis.

It can be difficult to worship and work in the same place. That’s the challenge many ministers face.

Megan Lowe

Megan Lowe found herself in the midst of this conundrum when she accepted a staff position at FBC as Children’s Ministry Assistant, working specifically as the Children’s Worship and Child Care coordinator.

Megan was dedicated as a baby (as Megan Sterrett) at FBC. From birth to college FBC was like a second home to Megan, a place of comfort, relief from life’s stresses, and a sacred place. Lynn Turner was her youth minister and the most influential minister impacting her life and development as a Christian. Lynn, she said, was always welcoming and friendly but also one to “call you out when you were out of line,” making her a role model in expressing the love of God and the expectations of discipleship. Megan felt that FBC was her church home and was always glad to come, be it for corporate worship or youth ministry.

While attending VCU, Megan became very involved with the Intervarsity ministries and found a wonderful peer group of fellow Christian university students. On Sundays this group would attend church together, exploring different churches around Richmond. It was in this group that Megan met Brandon Lowe, later to become her husband. FBC was still her home church but her engagement with the congregation was different than she had experienced as a child or youth.

Accepting a position on staff further changed that relationship. In the first year of her employment Megan saw FBC as both her place of worship and work which seemed fine, although she rarely got the chance to worship with Brandon. “I kept thinking we could worship together as a couple during the summers when I did not have children’s worship obligations but those opportunities were few and far between.” After a year of trying, Megan and Brandon decided they needed to find a different place of worship.

Being employed by FBC and having such close ties from growing up in the church brought a lot of anxiety, guilt and fear of judgment in transferring her membership to another congregation. The timing was also very unfortunate as she and Brandon found another church and withdrew her membership at the height of the membership/baptism conversation which, she emphasized, had nothing to do with their decision. Megan was pleasantly surprised in receiving great amounts of support and understanding from FBC members in reaction to her decision, which made her even more proud of FBC.

“It was a huge relief and joy to be able to worship as a couple again in total freedom. Working at the church I spent a lot of time preparing Bible studies and leading children’s worship, however, I had not realized how this had become an intellectual exercise of preparation and not one of the heart feeding me spiritually,” she recounted. It was not until she found herself worshiping next to Brandon at City Church of Richmond (whose worship services are Sunday afternoons) that she realized how much this had been missing in her life. While Megan loves her work at First Baptist Church and values the faith community which raised her, transferring her membership to a new congregation proved an important step for her continued faith development.

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