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Story and photo by Skyler Cumbia.

In the dusk of the evening, I watched across the field. The burning bush illuminated the dark sky, and rats scurried to escape the fire’s wrath. God’s fire was consuming me; my inward rats were fleeing and if I waited long enough, the charred earth of my life might give way to green sprigs of life. I hoped for something new to come.


Intentional bush fire flushes out rats and mice in Ghana.

I believe that it is not so much in the winds or earthquakes or fires of life that God speaks to us, but in the quiet afterwards. We can be so overwhelmed with what the world has to say that we forget to sit still and listen to what God has to say. Sometimes we are frustrated when we don’t hear God’s voice; we only hear the silence. But maybe silence is all God needs for us to hear, maybe just a few minutes of quiet and rest is enough to give us a fresh outlook on our circumstances. God uses the peace that follows the turmoil to speak to our hearts.

The cycles of nature are like the cycles of faith: Fire’s destruction gives way to new life; Jesus’ death offers resurrection to all. Something new is coming.

Editor’s note: Read about Skyler’s experiences in Ghana and check out her blog.

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